Not Just an Agency

NR6 helps you to involve your stakeholders in your ambition. This enables you to build on a shared goal together, and get everything you can out of each stakeholder relationship. We do this with advice that puts the control in your hands and creative, provocative communication. We make every communication effort worthwhile.

Creation and consultancy

We are a creative agency as well as a consultancy, bridging both worlds by connecting research, technology and psychology with creation. We prefer to help you on both levels, but we’re just as happy to lay the foundation that enables other creative agencies to get to work. We make sure that everything adds up so that your communications make a concrete contribution to the success of your organisation.


We simplify difficult things, and we always deliver. Sometimes we’re stubborn, or even a little confrontational. But we’re only that way in order to get the best possible result. We build a team around the task that’s as large or small as necessary, with a fixed core of motivated individuals and the very best experts.

Together, we are NR6.

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A core of motivated
individuals and the best
experts on the market